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SPINE SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA                            


The Spine Society of Australia was founded on 13th July 1990. The Society was formed by substitution of the rules of the "Facet Club" which was disbanded on the same day.

History of the Society

Objectives: To promote exchange of ideas, research and communication about matters to do with the spine and to maintain and obtain affiliation with relevant national and international organizations.

To meet these objectives the society carries out a number of activities including:

Meetings organized by the Society
Prizes awarded by the Society
Surgical travelling bursaries
Post fellowship training in spine surgery



  C/O the Australian Orthopaedic Association 

Level 12
45 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000
T  +61 2 8071 8000 
F  +61 2 8071 8002
Email: secretariat@spinesociety.org.au

Mr Peter Wilde  president@spinesociety.org.au
Mr Greg Malham  secretary@spinesociety.org.au
Dr Robert Kuru   treasurer@spinesociety.org.au
Editorial Secretary: 
Dr Ralph Stanford edsec@spinesociety.org.au          

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