SSA 2008 award and prizewinners

SSA 2008 award and prizewinners

Allan Dwyer Medal (presentated for lifetime achievement in spine surgery or research)
Professor Robert Fraser.

Spinal Research Award (sponsored by Medtronic)
Cameron Lutton, Yun Wai Young, Adrian Meedeniya, Alan Mackay-Sim, Ben Goss. Reduction of Secondary Degeneration after Spinal Cord injury by Acute Delivery of Vascular Growth Factors.

Rob Johnston Award (sponsored by the Rob Johnston Trust and the Spine Society of Australia)
Henry Tsao, Mary Galea, Paul Hodges. Reorganisation of the motor cortex in chronic low back pain.

Best Presentation Award (sponsored by Medtronic)
Brian Freeman, Nicholas Steel, Tracey Sach, James Hegarty, Rikke Soegaard. Cost effectiveness of two forms of circumferential lumbar fusion: a prospective randomized controlled trial.

Best Poster Award (sponsored by Orthotech)
Markus Melloh, Thomas Barz, Peter Reiger, Lukas Staub, Emin Aghayev, Christoph Roeder, Thomas Zweig, Jean-Claude Theis. The diagnostic value of a treadmill test in predicting lumbar spinal stenosis.