2009 Spine Society of Australia Awards:

2009 Spine Society of Australia Awards:

Annual Scientific Meeting, Brisbane.

Best Presentation Award:

Michele Sterling, Joan Hendrikz, Justin Kenardy.

Developmental trajectories of pain and disability and post-traumatic stress symptoms following whiplash injury. 

Best Poster Award:

Alexander Gibson, Satyen Mehta, Ben Goss, Richard Williams. 

Significance of the inverted radial reflex in asymptomatic subjects.

Rob Johnston Award

Matthew Shaw, Marie Izatt, Clayton Adam, Paul Licina, Geoffrey Askin. 

i-Cobb – an innovative technique in spinal radiographic measurement.

Spinal  Research Award

Ranganathan Arun, Brian Freeman, Brigette Scammell, Donal McNally, Penny Gowland. What influence dose sustained mechanical load have on diffusion in the human intervertebral disc? An in-vivo study using serial post-contrast magnetic resonance imaging.