Allan Dwyer Medal

The Allan Dwyer Medal is awarded from time to time by the executive of the Spine Society of Australia to a person who, in the opinion of the Society has made an outstanding contribution to spinal surgery or spinal research over a lifetime.


The Alan Dwyer Medal was initiated in 2005 in memory of Alan Dwyer (1920-1974), an internationally recognised orthopaedic surgeon who died in 1974. Alan Dwyer was a notable spinal surgeon who pioneered the anterior correction of spinal deformity. He was the first recipient of the prestigious L.O. Betts Memorial Medal given for outstanding achievement in orthopaedics. Alan Dwyer was a co-founder of both the Facet Club (predecessor of the Spine Society of Australia) and the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine. The Alan Dwyer Medal shall be awarded to a Member or Associate of the Spine Society of Australia who, in the opinion of the executive, has made an outstanding contribution into the science and practice of spinal surgery and to the Spine Society. The selection of the recipient will be made at the last Executive Meeting of the calendar year. The presentation of the medal will be made at the next Annual Scientific Meeting of the Spine Society of Australia.

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